As the film attempts to bring the story full circle (it won’t come as a surprise to anyone), it misses the landing. I can’t state this more clearly: Wendy is an artsy film, and much of the audience will tune out before the kids even make it to “Neverland.” But if you’re open to the existential questions the movie explores, then Wendy is a transcendent experience capable of moving you to tears. The only rule seems to be to never grow up, and we’ll eventually see the sad sacks who did (one with a hook for a hand!) From the window of her bedroom, Wendy (Devin French) spies a kid on the roof of a passing train and takes a leap of faith. . You must be in tune with Wendy’s whimsical spirit because the movie works better as an experience than as a narrative-driven film. Zeitlin also manages to wring some emotion from the final moments of the film, when the kids realize that they really do have to grow up someday (spoiler alert for anyone who has someone managed to never hear the story of Peter Pan). Log in. whimsical spirit because the movie works better as an experience than as a narrative-driven film. Wendy – first look review. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter There’s undeniable manic energy here, even though a lot of it feels borrowed from Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are adaptation and Sean Baker’s The Florida Project. This is also the part of the film that will win you over or turn you off. This leads to some defections, rescues, fights and revelations, all to the cacophony of kids with limitless, high-volume lungs. But here’s the thing: is there no independent film-maker whois honest enough to say that kids want to play video games, not romp around with sticks? The MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM trailer promises a bittersweet farewell with its first look at Chadwick Boseman's final role. But more urgently commanding their attention is a roundish, rather androgynous-looking boy who’s the ringleader of the other kids on the island. What we’re left with is something like Spike Jonze’s 2009 adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are without the adorable creatures. This review was originally part of our Sundance 2020 coverage.. Zeitlin populates the movie with a wonderful cast of first-time child actors who light up the screen with their ebullient energy. There are no fairies, no mermaids, and definitely no flying. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Director of photography: Sturla Brandth Grovlen That’s very much missing here. Screenwriters: Benh Zeitlin, Eliza Zeitlin Complete creative freedom often allows smart people to get caught up in the dreams of their youth. Posted on Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 by Chris Evangelista. If you enjoyed and still enjoy Beasts, you’ll probably find something to love about Zeitlin’s Peter Pan riff. But in the end, there’s not enough fairy dust in the world to make Wendy fly. Reviews Wendy Brian Tallerico February 25, 2020. Aside from that, Zeitlin cranked out an unusual movie. Even during these table-setting scenes, Zeitlin provides far more than ordinary in terms of textures and atmosphere; you can virtually inhale the café’s thick aromas, salivate over its greasy delicacies, luxuriate in the very particular accents and attitudes while absorbing the sadness of lives lived on the sidelines and the need for the kids to get out before it’s too late — or, as Wendy puts it, “Before they lose the light in their eyes.”. “The more you grow up, the less things you get to do that you wanna,” sagely observes little Wendy (Devin France), who looks about 11 or 12 and lives in a ramshackle house by the train tracks in the rural South. TIFF 2020: A Playlist of Memorable Soundtrack Moments, From Right to Left: Ranking the Politics of Superheroes, All About Who You Know Review: A Genre-Subverting Rom-Com, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Trailer: Chadwick Boseman’s Final Role, The Trial of the Chicago 7 Review: Aaron Sorkin Back In His Element, The Empty Man Trailer Delivers Your Spooky Season Fix, The Wolf of Snow Hollow Review: A Unique Breed of Horror and Comedy, The Mandalorian: Disney+ Debuts All-New Season 2 Character Art, The Last of Us Part II Review: Game of the Generation. | Cookie Settings. You must be in tune with. 4:30 PM PST 1/26/2020 Aside from that, Zeitlin cranked out an unusual movie. Anytime the children are required to recite lines, the words come out clunky and flat. Beasts is a tough act to follow, but after seven years working on Wendy, it’s disappointing and troubling to see Zeitlin deliver such regressive work. There were other rules but they didn’t really matter as the film favored scenes of kids purely being kids that may be fun to watch at first, however, get old fast and cause the film to drag. And then editor Affonso Gonçalves pieced it all together into something semi-coherent, at which Zeitlin added Malick-eseque narration to clean things up further. For the most part, Wendy is the same story (with a few small changes) but that isn’t necessarily the best thing either. Last modified on Mon 27 Jan 2020 18.31 EST. The story sees a young girl named Wendy (France) and her two twin brothers Douglas and James (Gage and Gavin Naquin) follow an energetic little boy named Peter (Mack) to a mysterious island with the power to keep its inhabitants young as long as they believed. But before we get there, there are many, many, many scenes of kids being kids. Logo Concept by: Illumination Ink. Dan Romer’s gorgeous score intensifies the film’s childlike sense of wonder. The Cinemast Podcast: Top 10 Summer Movies w/ Adam Mast, The 25 Most Iconic Lightsaber Battles in STAR WARS, Ranked, (UPDATED WITH FILMMAKER LINEUP!) The overall look of the film, via cinematographer Sturla Brandth Grøvlen, is quite lovely – full of magic-hour shots, crisp underwater footage, and scenes set on beautiful beaches. Production designer: Eliza Zeitlin Zeitlin could be described as a Terrence Malick with a very high metabolism; within his exquisitely composed shots, he’s always looking for le geste juste, one that conveys the essence of the current onscreen action and then moves on to the next. Editors: Alfonso Goncalves, Scott Cummings The film’s sequences of extreme youthful vigor continue at interminable length, and I suspect even the most whimsy-prone will grow tired of it. 2020 SUNDANCE COVERAGE: WENDY. In the latest edition of #ShelfHelp, we run down s, Read @dedecrimmins’s full review of @elevation_p, Shadow in the Cloud won the #TIFF20 Midnight Madne, The Caped Crusader has come to us in many forms, b, “Before the main title card of #PiecesofaWoman g, #TIFF20 has been a very different kind of film fes, Read @victorjstiff’s full review at the link in, Anthony Hopkin’s delivers a masterclass in actin, Star Trek: Discovery's Depiction of Captain Pike's Disability is a Betrayal of Roddenberry's Utopian Vision. It’s that over time we slowly grow numb to life’s pleasures. The film is still about future and one’s story and the perils of growing up. She was so impressive as the dynamic Wendy, it was a shame that the other couldn’t match her level. That 2012 indie was once acclaimed, but has since fallen out of favor. Privacy | Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy. Join Bil and Daniel as they talk about Tomcat! Depending on what you expect from a film, Wendy is either a magical revelry of sight and sound or a tedious waste of time. And oh yeah, instead of being a fairy, Tinkerbell is a giant Cthululu-like sea monster with a glowing belly (one of the few exciting new choices here). by If you liked this, please read our other reviews here and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Instagram or like us on Facebook. The alluringly elusive Peter Pan has a knack for attracting gifted filmmakers and then biting them on the keister — Steven Spielberg's Hook and Joe Wright’s aptly named Pan were both overproduced and under-imagined embarrassments.

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