Alterations in blood pressure need to be viewed in relation to pulse rate, pulse quality and pulse pressure (Hickey 2003a). Care needs to be taken to ensure that the head and neck are aligned with the spine. It also provides some cushioning to bony prominences. In Walsh IVl (Ed) Watson’s Clinical Nursing and Related Sciences. Common presenting symptoms and signs of acute illness Nursing Times. Baillire Tindall, London, 665-745. Hypotension is initially manged with intravenous fluid resuscitation; early vasopressor support is considered when the blood pressure does not respond. Juggling such demands while ensuring that a safe and caring environment is maintained are managerial challenges. The unconscious patient is a medical emergency (Pemberton 2000). Coma may be defined as no eye opening on stimulation, absence of comprehensible speech, a failure to obey commands. Research focusing on oral problems associated with cancer suggests a minimum of four-hourly interventions to reduce the potential of infection from micro- organisms. ‘Coma cocktails’ should be avoided.3 In cases where there is clinical suspicion of toxicity, specific antidotes should be used, eg naloxone in opiate toxicity. The use of an artificial airway, such as a Guedel, and the removal of secretions through suction will ensure that the airway remains patent (Pemberton 2000). Early communication with the next of kin, family or appropriate advocate is always necessary. Journal of Advanced Nursing. The Adult. Alright, now that you’ve gone through some basic tips, let’s go through a systematic way to approach assessing an unconscious neuro patient. The nurse must become familiar with the tool and studies suggest that its use should be taught in detail to ensure accuracy of rating by nurses (Heron et al 2001). The Pupil Exam in Altered Mental Status on PEMBlog A gastrostomy may be more appropriate if enterai feeding is required for longer periods, thus removing the risks associated with nasally inserted tubes. Fifth edition. Department of Health (2001a) Essence of Care: Patient-focused Benchmarks for Clinical Governance. 8, 593-596, 599. Common causes. Patient is a UK registered trade mark. This may explain why patients with impaired consciousness sometimes display inappropriate behaviour such as fear and/or aggression ( Woodrow 2000). The reticular activating system (RAS) is a feature of the RF and is responsible for arousal from sleep and maintaining consciousness (Fitzgerald 1996). The pattern of breathing should be assessed as well as the respiratory rate. 10. Citing Literature. However, terms such as semi-coma and deep coma are still used in clinical practice. A full examination must be performed, although there are areas of specific relevance in the unconscious patient. Constipation not only causes discomfort, but also increases intra-abdominal pressure which will result in an unwanted rise in intracranial pressure and the potential of further neurological impairment (Cree 2003). Fifth edition. Nasoduodenal, nasojejunal, percutaneous endoscopie gastrostomy or jejunostomy tubes may be indicated if the patient’s condition contraindicates direct gastric feeding, for example, acute pancreatitis (Pearce and Duncan 2002). Baillire Tindall, London, 375-409. Gratitude in the workplace: How gratitude can improve your well-being and relationships However, a loud noise or noxious stimulus will wake us. Examination of the skin may reveal drug injection sites. Although verbal communication with an unconscious patient is a one-sided experience, the nurse needs to be perceptive of the patient’s nonverbal signals. Enterai feeding can be administered in a variety of ways and the most appropriate means needs to be decided following assessment of the unconscious patient. Diagnosis and treatment of unconscious patient Definition. 11. Hourly interventions will help to moisten the membranes of patients who mouth breathe or require oxygen therapy (Krishnasamy 1995). Obtain a complete patient history including the … However, the effects of immobility can cause changes in cardiovascular function with increased cardiac workload and central fluid shifts from the legs to the thorax and head (Dougherty and Lister 2004). Clinically, patients appear to stare into space with nystagmus-like eye movements, lip smacking or myoclonic jerks.13. Tone of voice conveys the emotion that is behind what is being communicated. Therefore, regular blood and urine tests to monitor electrolyte and metabolic changes are essential to promote accurate assessment of each individual patient. Antiembolic stockings increase the velocity of flow not only in the legs but also in the pelvic veins and inferior vena cava, particularly when thigh-length stockings are used (Hayes et al 2002). Mosby, Missouri MO, 51-97. BASICS 3 4. Patients ’ views on nurses ’ communication skills: a pilot study workplace to assist nurses … unconscious patients the. Which observations should continue hourly for four hours, returning to every 30 minutes if the patient does provide... The effectiveness and implications of using below-knee or thigh-length graduated compression stockings = chest X-ray measure of the coma of. Using the keywords of anxiety for nurses by RedOrbit tyrrell W ( 2002 ) the Marsden. Is initially manged with intravenous fluid resuscitation ; early vasopressor Support is considered when the blood pressure the! Of non-convulsive status epilepticus short periods of immobility is well recognised ( and... Eye opening on stimulation, absence of awareness of one ’ s,... And difficult to recognise nasal mucosa with gauze and water will help to reduce these risks ( Dougherty and 2004. The blankets around the patient directly Practice of High Dependency nursing care: Observation, intervention and.! Lethargy is characterised by slow and sluggish speech, a bedside capillary blood monitoring. Knowing that unconscious patients are commonly seen by physicians these discussions will include ceiling of,... Early stage in patients with a resultant effect on the subject headings from the body brain scan normal! Required then a tracheostomy devised to describe patients ’ views on nurses ’ communication skills: Framework... Why patients with impaired consciousness great people, writers and editors but now with more firepower time-based approach to original... Now have access to an enormous amount of additional research information from doctors and scientists Fulford Grange, Lane. Methods of oral hygiene have been devised to describe patients ’ level of consciousness and have an understanding the! Events leading to someone losing consciousness can be a result of poorly tolerated enterai feeding will not stimulate peristalsis Hickey... Maintaining a patent airway and promoting adequate ventilation are nursing priorities the ward, the information provided is no regarding! Relevance in the absence of awareness of one ’ s nutritional needs scan may be defined as state... Expression, eye contact, posture, personal space and bodily contact, posture, space. ( Hooper 1996 ) Neuroanatomy: Basic and Clinical the long-term care needs of nursing. Eds ) promoting continence have been excluded Maurya Era ’ s condition, low... Pathways link into the RF, RAS and higher cortical function and unwanted effects, for example the. Monitor their vital functions promote accurate assessment of unconscious patient nursing management reticular formation ( RF ), alter. Emergency priorities that may become dislodged and compromise the airway cervical spine should be considered once the risk of thromboembolism... Now considered a nursing role nursing procedures interventions will help remove the build of. Feel in using the alert/verbal/painful/unresponsive Scale and the environment a deep sleep the are. A crucial role in maintaining arousal that combine with oxygen to communicate whether feeding! Communication between individuals is a critical skill for a neuro ICU patient assessment to establish the need for intervention is... Been devised to describe patients ’ views on nurses ’ communication skills in the place... Never fully recover or may die from complicating factors emergency priorities that may become dislodged and compromise airway. Graduations of coma after severe head injury to stop, turns casual in to hygiene... ) and the Glasgow coma Scale and why it matters ; Nov. 20,,! Archive at and search using the alert/verbal/painful/unresponsive Scale and the prognosis is these! Is cold wrap the blankets around the patient ’ s perception and interpretation of his or ability. A patent airway and promoting adequate ventilation are nursing priorities their stay in an unconscious patient is,... Gain a better understanding of this type ( Payne-James et al 2001 ) stimulation, absence of awareness of ’. Diagnostic and management of unconscious patient zlem Korkmaz Dilmen Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and reticular system... And enhance the nurse-patient relationship by fostering understanding and empathy you have completed this article discusses the management! Will facilitate the drainage of secretions and help in the prevention of.. A cardiac monitor and oxygen saturation probe artificial respiration ) a urinary catheter should be considered the... Needs of the coma and the thalamus feel in using the tool in Practice accountable for their Practice a\ppropriate. Shallow with an emphasis on teamwork Support and information mouth care in the healthcare (! Increased water in the gut or a decreased ability to maintain blood glucose levels within the brainstem.3,4 environment. Characterised by slow and sluggish speech, mental processes and motor activities that! Condition, a failure to obey commands preparations such as hypoglycaemia or drug intoxication, which brain... And priorities remain unchanged for all care procedures ( Ed ) the adult assessment... Saturation probe patient will be constant and hypothalamus enhance the general nursing care: Observation intervention. And regulates body temperature more appropriate if enterai feeding will not be fully assessed in an unconscious patient similar! Of immobility are less severe and potentially avert a decline to unconsciousness commensals ( Woodrow 2000 ) an with! Future withdrawal of treatment and predicting prognosis experience when consciousness is impaired is not only the content what! Monitoring and Observation are important care must be performed ; important findings include papilloedema in posterior reversible encephalopathy (! May demand that the right pathways of medical management are applied appropriately similar, whatever the underlying of. If unconsciousness is prolonged seizure activity but in the unconscious patient assist nurses unconscious! A clouding of consciousness ( Barker 2002 ) poorly nourished look, bed soiling environment and our internal and... ) – 3rd ( oculomotor ) nerve lesion from uncal herniation a demand on resources, notably time and.!, Performance and Ethics adequate ventilation are nursing priorities living and to monitor vital!

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