It focuses on the Thornhill Family, an English family recently transported to Australia and the Dhurag people, an Aboriginal family already living on the land. He also believes that because of all his hard work he had achieved a status high enough to be compared to a gentry in London. The first white characters we see are viewed through this perspective, we, with the other characters, look up at the men as they sit atop their horses. Ask and answer questions about the novel or view Study Guides, Literature Essays and more. He knew, as perhaps they did not, how pointless a thing it was. Already inhabited, the Dharug people were of the perspective that the land was a part of their identity. It’s also her most influential magnum opus.

He exerts this power over the powerless, demonstrated through their orderly structuring of the Moore River Settlement, which draws a stark comparison to the unruly bush that the girls travel deeper into, away from the control and oppression of others. The symbolism is reiterated with the construction of a high stone wall. Thornhill attempts to control the land. However, after discovering the land of Thornhill’s point and establishing a life there, he came to a metaphorical self-realization that he had not only traveled a great physical distance from London to Sydney but had also essentially traveled even further as an individual. The novels protagonist William Thornhill is what some may call an idealised individual. These prominent themes are not only deeply interconnected but serve as the primary source of conflict in both texts; groups such as the Aboriginal people are left powerless as a direct consequence of the institutionalised racial prejudice induced by the caucasian settlers. Kate Grenville canvasses the concepts of belonging and alienation in her novel “The Secret River” through her manipulation of aesthetic features; symbolism, characterisation, and setting. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. Of all the characters in the novel, Blackwood has the greatest appreciation and knowledge of the Aboriginals and their culture. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. evaluate how (language features) and why (contexts) different interpretations are represented in the study text and how those has enhanced your interpretations of the text. Social and historical context have turned a humble pursuit for material wealth into an act of dispossession and massacre. Through her novel, Grenville effectively conveys the message that the sense of belonging seldom arises from ownership, and can only be acquired through mutual respect, acceptance of what is, and the capacity to embrace changes. At that time, London held everything she ever needed or wanted: food, love, and family. Props (i.e. As the oldest living civilization, the Indigenous people lived in harmony with their environment; the belief was that the land belonged to them and that they belonged to the land. Thornhill’s lack of belonging is continuous despite the change in circumstances. ‘The Secret River’ utilises the first-person perspective of William Thornhill, who, like the boats that make his livelihood, serve as a vessel to explore the various social and power dynamics in Colonial Australia, especially in regards to race. The purpose, The Secret River is written by Kate Grenville, an internationally well-known author. In its original form and in adaptation, The Secret River aimed to explore the settlement of Australia. Epilogue: Thornhill's place. Thornhill carving a map displays the vain attempt to communicate and influence the Aboriginal men with European philosophy of land ownership. Thornhill was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship by Mr.Middleton. For Sal, however, the notion of home is far more complicated than simply living on land that her husband owns. Racial and social hierarchy and prejudice, power, powerlessness, they’re all connected and represented in both the novel and the film. guns) are used to symbolize Western power, control and destruction. As Thornhill proceeds to select two men who would work for him on Thornhill’s point, he once again has an encounter with Captain Suckling, a man who was also on the Alexander transport with him. Further, even though Thornhill is a member of Australia's gentry class by the end of the novel, he still feels like an outsider and as though he doesn't belong, both in the sense that he doesn't feel like a gentleman and in the sense that he feels a lingering sense of anxiety about living on land that was once inhabited by the Aborigines. This is particularly emphasized in her exploration of William Thornhill’s perception of himself which is essentially characterized by the broad range of physical and emotional experiences he endures along with the influences of other peoples perceptions of him. This shows that Thornhill believes home is defined by whether one owns the place they call home. You must make specific reference to “The Secret River.” Thornhill's thoughts on his life at the end of the novel reinforce this idea. The moderate approach symbolised by Thomas Blackwood suggests the possibility to live side by side with the Aboriginals.

In summation, Grenville’s meticulous construction of the themes of belonging and alienation allows the reader to gain a sophisticated insight on her character William Thornhill and his lack of connection to the land and others around him. This racism is reflected in ‘The Rabbit-Proof Fence’, albeit on a smaller scale, but again, is alluded to by the institutional treatment of aboriginal people and both subtle and overt racism. Part 5: Drawing a Line. This included the forcible occupation of foreign lands and the control of these lands through various mechanisms of power. The ThemeTracker below shows where, and to what degree, the theme of Home and the Immigrant Experience appears in each chapter of The Secret River. Therefore it can be seen from a thorough analysis of ‘The Secret River’ that Kate Grenville effectively explores the concept of how a person’s view of themselves can be comprised up of many influences and experiences. Early European settlers did not understand that, as the original inhabitants of Australia, the Aboriginal people were entitled to the land, yet they did not claim ownership of it for their possession. The resulting stain brands the land, and renders the new European owners as its’ superior; the land enslaved, as opposed to in harmony.

He doesn’t worry about being greedy and rich, he just wants to make a decent living and live in peace. He identifies himself as ‘no more than a shadow’ (p11).

Also during the 18th century, the British Government had ‘raised the flag’ on Australian soil and ignorantly declared the land as ‘Terra Nullius’. When Thornhill relocates to the Hawkesbury River, he develops a distorted perception towards London; his native land. Grenville metaphorically reinforces this concept through Thornhill believing he did not have a place that was part of his flesh and spirit like Jack did. Interestingly, the play shows that at one point in Australian history a harmonious relationship between these cultures was possible. From the perspective of this unpeopled riverbank...Sydney seemed a metropolis, different only in degree from London. All of her children grow up in Australia and for them, Australia is the only home they've ever known. The Pearl versus The Secret River ; The Secret River Analytical Essay; Adapting The Secret River for the Stage - Perspectives and Context William Shakespeare’s play Othello was written in 1603 and set in Venice. With this desire came a motivation to become a wealthy owner of materialistic possessions such as land, servants and a house.

He could hear the great machinery of London, the wheel of justice chewing up felons and spitting them out here, boatload after boatload, spreading out from the Government Wharf in Sydney, acre by acre, slowed but not stopped by rivers, mountains, swamps. This was something he did not have: a place that was part of his flesh and spirit. Characters in the text The Secret River by Kate Grenville represent a variation of attitudes and views towards the colonisation of Australia and the Aboriginal Australians. Kate Grenville said, her mother’s grandfather was a poor man from London and sentenced to be sent to Australia because of stealing timbers in the early nineteenth century.

Memory Is a Constructive and Dynamic System Rather Than a Passive Mechanism for Recording External Information. It would remain as bright as the day the boards had been nailed down, but no longer alive, cut off from the trees and light that it had swum in.

Part 3: A Clearing in the Forest. Influenced by this contextual factor, Captain Suckling (constructed to represent the elite in society) is of the view that class is ‘pre-destined’ rather than ‘self- determined’. Quotes from The Secret River that relate and express/represent the social hierarchy theme in the novel? During a conversation between the two men, Suckling metaphorically compares Thornhill to a dog in an extremely disrespectful tone after being surrounded by flies, reinforcing the idea that Thorn hill would always be considered by others a poor waterman and criminal from London, and not the wealthy landowner in Sydney he had the desire to become. This shot is presented to the audience through a low-shot, a common technique used by the director to represent the power of certain characters, the majority of which are white male characters.

LitCharts Teacher Editions.

It was dark under the floorboards: the fish would never feel the sun again. The marks represent the disjunction between man and nature. Thornhill’s character is consciously constructed to remain allusive. By exercising their traditional behaviors, the Indigenous people had hindered this dichotomy. Unlike Thornhill, Sal had a relatively happy childhood with parents who loved her and could spoil her. The name William Thornhill is as ‘common as dirt’ (p11). No house that said, "this is our home." The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. The imagery of nature and theme of power are evident both in the film and the novel. After Sal and Thornhill arrive in New South Wales, they talk often about going home to London. In the beginning sequences of the film, wide angles exemplify the wild and innately free nature of the Australian bush, powerful in natural terms, whilst drawing thematic parallels to the use of low-angle shots, drawing attention to another form of power, one channeled into one person. “We were nothing in London. Again, those of the caucasian race treat the Aboriginal girls as subhuman, the titular fence, whilst being used to prevent the movement of animals, also oppresses the girls and forbids them from escaping, showing that, similarly to the novel, are seen as no more than animals, a point emphasised again by their being kept in a cage.

Thornhill doesn't seem to truly grasp the nature of the Aborigines' claim to the land until Long Jack speaks to him at the end of the novel.

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