She actually showed up in these Unova games to take place in a tournament against the player. Whitney is an interesting gym leader because of her fun choice of typing and the way she acts towards her Pokémon. Team Rocket tried to escape, and were blasted off once more by Miltank's Rollout. As the manager signaled Whitney and Gold to get ready, she used her Miltank's Rapid Spin attack to knock Gold off balance. In PS546, the group arrived at the Giant Chasm, where they were joined by Iris and Gorm. Her Pokémon will be renowned as powerful forever because she is an absolutely amazing trainer that knows how to raise Pokémon correctly!

Like most girls, Whitney also likes shopping. To Whitley's relief, Foongy's original Trainer didn't want it back and allowed Whitley to keep it. This is one fight that players can't pass up even if they wanted to because it's mandatory for completing the game!

After saving himself, Blake carried the unconscious Whitley back to school. After N found Ghetsis, a sudden explosion tore the Plasma Frigate apart from the inside, sending everyone flying. She was just as tough in these games as she is in the Johto games because of her powerful team and her connection to them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

[18], Whitney was lovingly looking at Bruno's poster when Silver's Weavile returned her Plain Badge.[19]. The Gym Leader, Pryce, arrived, which shocked Whitney, due to his old age. Appendix:Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Walkthrough. [13] Morty sensed something among the rubble and found Pryce's cane. If the player walks away, a trainer will tell you to talk to her.
[3], Whitney and the crew from the Goldenrod Radio Tower came to Mahogany Gym. A Goldenrod Opportunity Thus, Whitney, despite thinking Pryce was quite old, teamed up with him to catch Suicune. [11] She, Morty, Falkner and Bugsy came back to the stadium, where they met up with the Pokémon Association director. A Mandibuzz was sent from the Plasma Frigate and attempted to capture Rood, only for Whitley to push him out of the way, causing her to get captured instead. Hoping the Team Plasma members might know of N's whereabouts, Whitley decided to join Blake, Hugh, and Roxie in finding the culprits.

As Pryce went off, a statue of Suicune started moving. Pokémon Let's Play Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Although she mostly wears just the one outfit throughout the games its clearly a fashion statement because it's very pretty clothing.

This ultimately resulted in Whitney's defeat, which made her cry out of frustration. I wonder what her team would be now, now that Clefairy is a pure Fairy-type. When defeated, Whitney will start crying and will not give the Gym Badge. It was fun being able to battle her again, but sadly she hasn't appeared in any game since then. Unlike other Leaders, she will not travel far: just down the road to the Goldenrod Department Store anyday between 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Once she stepped inside the Gym, Whitney and others began to slide, since the floor was made of ice. Just as Miltank was passing through a trench, Pikachu used Quick Attack, which stopped Miltank's Rollout and defeated her with Thunderbolt. In A Finger Lickin' Battle!, Red was revealed to have a Miltank. The manager alleviated the situation, announcing that Whitney and Gold would race one another from Cherrygrove City to the National Park and back. Whitney dragged him away, thinking he was trying to find another way to cut the line. Ash tells …

To make Pikachu feel better, Whitney kissed him on his head, which made Brock try to flirt with her and get pulled away by Misty. To complete her outfit, Whitney wears small white shorts, black socks that reach her shins, and sporty sneakers that match her shirt, albeit with a blue strap and triangle on the sides. Whitney decided to take Ash, Misty, and Brock around Goldenrod City. It may surprise players to learn that Whitney is actually the first gym leader in the region to use any new Pokémon on her team. [12] Along with Morty, Whitney confirmed that the Masked Man was actually Pryce. She gives the Plain Badge to Trainers who defeat her in battle. I'm Whitney!

She has fair skin, pink hair that is usually pulled into two ponytails with two small yellow barrettes, and light pink eyes that match her hair color and overall personality. Blake, as the Dewott Kid, stepped in to save the day, much to Whitley's embarrassment. The sync pair can be obtained through the sync pair scout. After Ash got kicked by Miltank, Whitney realized she forgot to say that Miltank don't like their tail getting pulled, even if it was for brushing. Whitney only recently started training Pokémon and was so talented she was given the position of Gym Leader by the Pokémon League, despite her inexperience as a Trainer and slight immaturity (such as leaving the Gym to go to the Radio station to win a Radio Card and crying after she loses).

Her right arm also has a red wristband, and her shoes have the same red and white pattern as her shirt. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all., Back when she was a Team Plasma Grunt, Whitley helped care for a group of Pokémon liberated by N in N's Castle. Her Gym is filled with other young girls like herself, who use cute Normal-type Pokémon like Meowth, and is shaped like a Clefairy. She had Miltank punish Gold, who defended himself, for Oak sent him on the mission. Gold became annoyed that he got sprayed with paint. Cyndaquil attempted to attack with Tackle, but got bashed into the wall by Miltank's Rollout. Hopefully, she'll appear in future titles to battle again, but time will only tell. When Blake got too close, Foongy retaliated with Sweet Scent, accidentally attracting a Keldeo in the process.

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