No stone left unturned! The most notable change is that Hidden Abilities, which previous required you to have the mother with the Hidden Ability, can now be bred without the mother having it.

In this retelling of the critically acclaimed Pokémon Sun and Moon games, it's time to return to the vivid and lush Alola region as a new Pokémon trainer. Just give the parent with the desired nature an Everstone and it’ll also be passed down to the baby. These include IVs, Natures, & Abilities. Pokemon X; Breeding, keep ability? Along with IVs there are also EVs (Effort Values) that you need to worry about if you truly want to perfect your Pokémon. Finding a Pokémon that has Flame Body as its ability would help, too. In the realm of inheriting Abilities, the mother will always have the greatest amount of power. It’s also a great way to shiny hunt and obtain rare Pokémon such as starters or others that might be harder to find in the game. Why not join us today?

The lofty cost of those vitamins made it difficult to get enough to max out the stats you wanted without grinding in the Elite Four or Battle Towers of old. Another interesting change, that is still being investigated, is that if the mother has Egg moves that the baby can learn, there is a chance that those moves shall be passed to the child as well as any moves the father may know. User Info: Staticnova. Like before, your goal is to go on an unforgettable adventure with your Pokémon companions, traveling across the four islands of Alola, while aiming to surpass the Island Trials. Pokémon can be put into multiple Egg Groups, and as long as two parents share one group and one of the parents knows the move you want the baby to know, it’ll be passed down. Before you actually toss two Pokémon into one of the nurseries in the game, you should have at least a few items ready to go.

This is even more useful considering Hidden Abilities are more easily found via Hordes and Friend Safari. Once your Pokémon has max EVs and IVs, all that’s left is using enough EXP Candy or training them up enough to reach level 100.

Ditto can breed with any group and any Pokémon in the Undiscovered group can’t breed at all. Here’s a list of all of the basic Egg Groups. But this guide is going to break down several aspects of breeding that you need to take into account when you’re getting started. However, due to the way Own Tempo is coded (it is treated as a completely different Ability set, separated even from Hidden Abilities), here’s the two ways you must breed your special Rockruff to get more. However, as of X & Y, if you have one of the parents hold the Destiny Knot item, then 5 IVs total from either parent will be guaranteed to be transferred, Pokémon Battle TrozeiPokémon Link: Battle, Mystery Dungeon: Blazing, Stormy & Light Adventure Squad, Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Time & Darkness, Black: Victini & ReshiramWhite: Victini & Zekrom.
Breeding for the right ability is a little bit more random and luck based. User Info: dragonmoney656.

Another new feature is the furthering of IV transfer.

IVs can be checked via your PC after ranking up to the Pokéball Tier at the Battle Tower, so use that to make sure your Pokémon have perfect stats before you start devoting EXP Candy and other resources into training them.

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