“ロゥリィ・マーキュリーの第一印象...(自分、何を見てもRWBYフィルター入る)”, Find and follow posts tagged rwby on Tumblr. Thank you, I’m doing sweet today considering I just woke up. I just said he was more interesting to me as a character. A Squiggle Meister’s Views on the Oz Reincarnation Cycle, i can't believe i've never drawn glynda before, oh and this isn't technically ozglyn but if you wanna tag it as such go nuts bc i love them too, I'm sorry that I put myself like that ... there are simply days that I'm not in the mood. See more ideas about Rwby, Rwby oscar, Rwby fanart. I don’t see why putting Jacques above others on the tier list is so shocking to people. 650x843 1,060kB I hope to be better soon so I can continue with the commissions but meanwhile …. For the original incarnation, see Ozma/Image Gallery., For the Hermit incarnation, see Wizard/Image Gallery., For the Ruler incarnation, see King of Vale/Image Gallery., For the Headmaster incarnation, see Ozpin/Image Gallery. Oscar Pine/Image Gallery Oscar Pine/Image Gallery/Volume 4 Oscar Pine... Rwby Cosplay Cosplay Diy Rwby Fanart Character Concept Concept Art Character Sheet Character Art Rwby Oscar Rwby Volume 4. Awww haha thank you. Mostly fanart here. art arte rwby rwby fan art fan art digital art original art sketch Oscar Pine oscar rwby Glynda Goodwitch ozpin ozglyn my art. i'm still a bit young, but i hope i can be like you someday. Stub: This article is a stub. Though while we may not know much about Summer, how isn't Ghira and Klein that well written? A beautiful Oscar flushed for what his “ parents ” do. Studying the shapes that make up the characters is also very helpful, especially their faces. Maaaaaaannn everyone is allowed to have their own taste. While I didn’t have much to say on this subject at the time, I do wish to share It’s so cute, I’m planning on (if there is no problem) ilustrating the other characters in this situation too . I love insane villains who can read people like a book. Jul 16, 2019 - Explore Alphaaurorblues's board "Rwby oscar" on Pinterest. Mar 3, 2020 - For the original incarnation, see Ozma/Image Gallery., For the Hermit incarnation, see Wizard/Image Gallery., For the Ruler incarnation, see King of Vale/Image Gallery., For the Headmaster incarnation, see Ozpin/Image Gallery. Unfollow. I think White Garden is very cute (platonic or romantic). Oscar: I’m immune to mean and hurtful words because Ruby says nice things to me every day and her love protects me. The fact that I don’t even remember who Ghira is without a google search means I’m right to place them lower on the list of my own personal opinions LOL. As for Adam and Tyrian, I'm neutral on Adam as a character overall but for Tyrian, while he may be a terrible person, he's a FANTASTIC villain. College student. Knees and elbows bend in a fat V shape, no circular curves or overly detailed joints. irozhea . Hello! hmmm in terms of measurements im really bad at judging that but i DO know spinkick is only SLIGHTLY taller than doctor bellum in his model sheet. Do you have any tips for people who want their drawings to look similar to the Carmen Sandiego style? As for Klein I give like 0 shits about him so shrug. ”, Y/n Rose oldest son of summer rose went missing while ruby was only a baby. I still have to draw the other Mane 3 and then maybe some Sunset and Starlight too. just curious. i admire that you got to work in season 3 of carmen sandiego! I’ve got a bit of a road trip ahead of me! But believe it or not, these days I have zero inspiration I have zero confidence in my drawings and I just think that I must improve my art to deserve all the love that you are giving me… I had planned to make a pretty nice drawing about these three … but all the sketches I’ve done since I received this message have been a failure …, Still I leave this drawing here. I believe it was @keyenuta who Facebook: www.facebook.com/godmotherrosewick/. 907 Likes, 4 Comments - Neopolitan~Random RWBY stuff (@rwby_strff) on Instagram: “Is anyone besides me is sick? my views on it now since there’s one thing that’s a fabulous start to the day! when the puppy eyes dont work, try pouting instead. Follow. See more 'RWBY' images on Know Your Meme! mistEcru, RWBY, Oscar Pine, Ozpin, Orange Gloves, Orange Handwear, Fanart From Pixiv, Pixiv, Fanart. 494 notes. I can agree then (though he still sucks as a person). Fandom. These three have become the characters that I usually draw when I do not know what to do … I love them too much, RWBY Musings #57: Legacy of Light. One big tip I would give is using what we call “The Fat V” when drawing limbs. That’s how I got this job. i cant remember flytrap… i think she’s average height? My name is Nick. Jun 27, 2017 - For the original incarnation, see Ozma/Image Gallery., For the Hermit incarnation, see Wizard/Image Gallery., For the Ruler incarnation, see King of Vale/Image Gallery., For the Headmaster incarnation, see Ozpin/Image Gallery. Ozpin: I’m immune to mean and hurtful words because Glynda says mean things to me every day, so I’m prepared. Canon. That’s you seeing words I never said. oscar pouting it's an interesting concept a much well needed art piece tbh rwby oscar pine rwby fanart fan art my art iroz commission. 291. Article by Andrew Seale. how tall do you think spinkick and flytrap are? I like villains. Why do you not question me putting Adam or Tyrian so high but you question Jacques LMAOOOO??? Reblog. mfw i just woke up and this is the first thing i see. Do you mean in the sense he's a good antagonist? You’re never too old or too young to do what you love. Common Tropes and Fanon Shipping. maybe around carmen’s height? I like what they add to the story.I never said he was better written than others. Tons and tons of reference! This article or section needs expansion. Well, thats it! Just keep drawing what you love! Please help us out by adding more content. 3.1 Fanart; 3.2 Vids; 4 Archives & Fannish Links. Aw haha you’re not being annoying Zombie Anon!! Also I rlly liked ur equestria girls art, quality as usual :P (I'm giving myself a name since I'm bein so annoyin lol) - Zombie. Just keep at it! Are ur vibes better 2day? I’m sick and I only have the streght to crawl and draw on the old laptop… I realized that I haven’t drawn much of rwby…So here are these doddles. 4.1 Wikis; 5 References; Oscar Pine is an character in the RWBY series. In your RWBY Teir list, why does Jacque have a higher ranking then characters like Ghira, Klein and Summer (all of whom are much better parents with Klein being more of a father to Weiss then Jacque ever was). I was very lucky, honestly a miracle. Pro Ship. Tagged: rwby, oscar pine, art, . hannatsunari: So… I was looking for some Carmen Sandiego fanart when I saw @scepterno ‘s comic/fic idea about Antonio and Jean going undercover on a charity event and I fell in love with this idea… Oh, also I drew it! Wait, how is Jacque better well written then Ghira and Klein? Study the show, trace screenshots, etc…. More ideas for you. been really bugging me about the Oz Cycle. Because I rate characters based on how well written they are or how much they interest me, not by how good they are of a person. I am so sorry to have taken so long to answer this anon! once asked me to discuss the Ozpin reincarnates when their faces were first revealed. okay but Nomad of Nowhere is really freakin’ cute. Warning: Possibility to contain mature scenes (*cough* lemon if readers want*cough*) Contians strong language which some readers may find offensive to those who dont mind have a nice fucking day and enjoy the read (If anyone knows who says that then give yourself a cookie), polyparents and uncle qrow checking up on the girls (roadtrip!au), Ask Ruby Rose or ask Roman Torchwick, or ask the cute little couple.

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