Lang and company never actually tell anyone about the bomb. It's that same Jotunheim Beast adorably chasing birds around downtown London. Be sure to check out 6 Horrible Aftermaths Implied By Movies With Happy Endings and 6 Movie Characters You Didn't Know Died Horrible Deaths. That's like spending 10 hours removing a tumor before throwing the screaming patient into a vat of lava to celebrate.

To the clouds! And while we barely see it on-screen, there's an extremely good chance that these winged nightmares are not only racking up the kill count but going for the weakest and lightest prey. While it's bad enough that no one in the film seems bummed that 99.99 percent of all species have been snuffed out forever (or that such an event would surely affect human life as well), the surprisingly horrific detail to this situation is that anyone who didn't make it to the space station in time was killed by a combination of body sores, insanity, and a cascade of explosive diarrhea. So it's heavily implied that most of the animals (and probably the insects) are either extinct or well on their way to extinction. Nope. We even see a goddamn petting zoo, seemingly setting up the grim naivety everyone will face when sluggish tourists are later manhandled by a swarm of pteranodons swooping in like baby dragons. Only, hey ... how many people around the world just murdered each other?

Yeah, everyone's fucked. Pellagra, caused by the severe lack of niacin and tryptophan, basically makes you a crazy poop vampire -- the side effects of which are blisters, a swollen tongue, hair loss, confusion, aggression, purgatorial shitting, and death in a matter of years. He literally just buzzes away like saving the general public from a disaster isn't the specific job he was hired to do. Continue … Cracked is published by Literally media Ltd.. They played a mean trick on her in high school and she never got over it.Theres a couple of kills in this movie to recap and ill do the best I can to paint the picture. You're almost done. The answer is: a whole lot. In the original Jurassic Park, elderly dinosaur baron John Hammond realizes that his park is uncontrollable after the deaths of five people. And all it cost was the complete annihilation of all the power in Paris. Scott Lang's pal sneaks into the crowded Pym Technologies and lowers the water pressure so our tiny hero can swarm through the bathroom sink like some icky phantom.

Ma is a 2019 American psychological horror film produced, co-written and directed by Tate Taylor.It stars Octavia Spencer, Juliette Lewis, Diana Silvers, Corey Fogelmanis, and Luke Evans, and follows a group of teenagers who befriend a lonely middle-aged woman.She lets them party in her basement, and they end up being terrorized by her. In a shocking deviation from the Marvel Universe, Thor 2's climax involves a costumed villain (in this case, the dark elf Malekith) threatening the Earth with a death portal. In any other Jurassic Park film, she would've been eaten by a dinosaur in the third act to a chorus of audience cheers. Doesn't that make their sneaky efforts moot? In the greatest CGI earthquake since 2009's 2012, San Andreas follows The Rock, a hot-shot Los Angeles helicopter rescue pilot struggling to gain the respect of his kids under the shadow of the totally-not-going-to-die wealthy father figure currently throwing it in his ex-wife. Oh, and Owen, a character who spends the movie training captive raptors to obey his commands?

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You bet your bottom dollar he would've been eaten by raptors before the credits rolled. Because, according to Hollywood, the only thing that wins back the love for a shitty father is a population-wiping catastrophe.

The building is evacuated because of a completely coincidental gunfight between the villain and heroes. You know ... the children. Unfortunately, they are too late, and the maniacal violent-ray is triggered for five minutes of worldwide carnage. And so off they go! Is Ma really dead? I'm not sure what the announced sequel is going to be about, but I assume it'll just be 90 minutes of orphan tears. Weirdly, this is the second time Clooney has plunged an entire city into surprise darkness. It's whatevsies. That means if the only crop left on Earth was corn, there's a very real chance that everyone who didn't make it to space wasted away one burning squirt at a time in a battle royale of gibberish. Keep in mind that these are rides that inexplicably require the public to control the vehicle on their own -- something that even the original park knew not to do 20 years ago. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. What I'm getting at here is that, in ANY other Jurassic Park film, Claire would have been the villain. According to screenwriter Damon Lindelof, Tomorrowland goes against the "steady diet of post-apocalyptic" by depicting a future refreshingly free of the typical zombie rapture wastelands we've come to expect from cynical screenwriters like Damon Lindelof. Sweet Craig T. Nelson, why was that part of the plan? Whatever meager animal population remains definitely won't survive the trip when humanity relocates to a giant space station orbiting some distant world. Ma 2019 film. How many other guards, injured civilians, and police officers are still left in that building? Copyright © 2005-2020. It's enough time to make anyone holding a baby the Tom Dempsey of infanticide. We never see them eat any meat. Octavia Spencer plays MA who wants to be your drinking buddy while you are in high school. An angry parent confronts Sue Ann about her actions, which kicks off Ma's violent final act. Mercedes Hawkins Ran over by car Sue Ann "Ma" Ellington Yes 2. Thanks for connecting! The two lovebirds embrace before going inside to have some extremely careful sex, leaving the audience with this final callback ... Oh, good! Officer Grainger Shot in chest Sue Ann "Ma" Ellington Yes 5.. Sue Ann "Ma" Ellington Burned alive Herself Yes If you're like me, you're probably wondering how many hospitals are located near the Eiffel Tower. And did I mention that the head-exploded corrupt world leaders included President Obama and his cabinet, as well as a bunch of military and foreign leaders? Then remember to sit through the credits, because you're watching a Marvel film! That's like if John McClane had just quietly sneaked his wife out of Nakatomi Plaza and called 9-1-1 from home. Interstellar is about one man's inexplicable decision to begin his interplanetary expedition on a world where time moves 200,000,000 percent faster than it does on Earth.
The bad guys in these movies are always very hard to kill, and Ma was no exception. Have you pictured John Lithgow's character firehosing an agonizing stream of mud into his old-man pants while raving at Matthew McConaughey's abandoned children like a drunk Gollum? Remember how that thing ate a humanoid in its first act as a resident of Earth? Well, elephants eat between 200 and 600 pounds of food per day. Because apparently Thor couldn't call one of the fucking Avengers to help him corral this interdimensional monster, and instead has just been letting it roam freely through a major city. Or, don't. Even in a world where one of the leading scientific minds might accidentally kill you with his giant green rage fists, that still seems a bit much. I only have one kill footage in it but the others I got to tell you about. Ben Hawkins Wrist slashed, bled out Sue Ann "Ma" Ellington Yes 4.

She retreats upstairs to die alongside her former classmate - but why? Thor: The Dark World: A Giant Monster Is Left To Freely Terrorize London.

David will gladly fight with you over the quality of Jurassic World on Twitter.

D&D Beyond
As seasoned movie audiences, we've come to expect a certain trivialization of death in high-paced genres like action or superhero films, because no one wants to sit through a Bond movie where we keep cutting away to the broken-hearted widows of every nameless henchman 007 harpoons to death or monkey-flips into a gorge. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check out Why Death Needs To Matter In The Marvel Universe, and watch other videos you won't see on the site! But before dooming his family and friends to get old and die in the two hours he spends on Shitty Clockstoppers Planet, the film shows us his life on an Earth ravished by a generic scourge that's caused nearly all crops to vanish in the not-too-distant future. I'm no murder expert, but five minutes is enough time for every motorist in New York City to take out at least one pedestrian. Sue Ann organizes a basement party, drugs the students, and tortures them. Also, the building isn't evacuated because of the bomb. This, of course, causes the Indominus rex to get out and go full rampage -- to which Claire reacts by waiting as legally long as possible before evacuating rides. Happy ending, y'all!

He gets off on conflict. We have no idea how long Thor was gone, but know it was long enough for him to make a dramatic enough return to delight Natalie Portman. Cause of deaths Killer On-screen Note 1. Literally billions of people must be dead right now, right? (But, please do!). In the chaos, The Rock manages to use the LAFD rescue chopper to scoop his ex-wife from a toppling building and immediately contact their daughter, instructing her away from normal evacuation routes so that he might specially pick her up and reunite the family in a happy embrace. Compared to the latest Marvel films, Ant-Man has a refreshingly simple plot about Scott Lang stealing a shrinking "Yellowjacket" suit from a villain that doesn't try to do a funny voice or suck the universe through some kind of giant energy anus. Don't make her drink alone. And as the series continues, the villain is always a person who is unable to heed that obvious miscalculation -- Hammond's nephew goes on to have this lesson literally pounded into him by the bite force of a child T. rex in The Lost World -- because Americans like to see stupid people get what's coming to them.

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