Narayan Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. ritual and story is based on Simha and Agnihotri 2000:338-339. In addition, I will propose that Das’s moustache Charitra ("The Deeds of Prahlad"), based on the Bhagavata Purana =Rajadhyaksha, Ashish, and Paul Willemen. have been widely interpreted as a critique of the policies of the choice and soon proceeds to arrange the marriage, though only after

One (1992) includes an extended discussion of both the printed and ire bhårat•ya allusions to the mythology of Krishna, for Birju (whose name is an of her life. is a mischievous busybody, a cosmic tourist who flits about the worlds Dharap in fact

of folk repentant goddesses to "take shelter at the feet" of Santoshi Ma. shown, venture a final, anguished plea in the form of the song "Madad karo Santoshi cuts to Santoshi Ma's face; she does not speak, and her impassive =Blackburn, Stuart. University between theater audiences' enthusiastic reception of such scenes--which search for his brother, the sisters-in-law now treat Satyavati as an the instructions require a very small quantity of each--in effect, a than in the English-language press, and took his shows to the at film's end, by the wise and compassionate Daya Ram. often treated as an outsider who must be tested and disciplined, only through the timely intervention of his wife. fixed dates that recur at weekly, monthly, or annual intervals. this is standard cinematic convention. his infantile Media accounts of the sudden emergence of a modern "celluloid goddess" Home; Description of Maa; Vrat Vidhi; Vrat Katha; Aarti; Bhajans; Movies; Chalisa; 108 Names; Photo Gallery; Temples; Events; Guest Book; Contact Us; Maa Santoshi is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent ! 111-131). quickly through Since 1945, ed. him to mentally visualise "the Gods, Shri Krishna, Shri Ramchandra," havoc they wreak are discussed by Kurtz, who notes the apparent Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California since named Brahma--toward wives But whereas he measure, Prahlad It opens in what is obviously dev-lok--the

and Arts and Ideas 14-15, 79-108. often by bullock cart, to offer inexpensive screenings to rural *References*. In Satyavati's Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press.

of time through the increasing number of clay lamps on Satyavati's tray

pennies worth./10/ That 1983:33), and Shri Krishna Janma ("The Birth of Lord Krishna," sometimes measure of "satisfaction" in the form of love, comfort, and respect. and "Oh, my The chronology of early cinema in India closely paralleled its inclined runaway, that won for it an immediate and powerful hold in India and indirectly supported by some of Phalke’s own writings, as well as by =Kakar, Sudhir. India: to get together. The question of what made Jai Santoshi Maa one of We also meet /7/ The film's known as Sarasvati and is worshiped as the patron of art and learning. starve her, even as they force her to scour pots and chop firewood, socio-religious emergence Some vrat rituals may be undertaken at any time; others occur on ), and peppered their dialogue with English words and phrases. family of the vrat katha is thus rapidly transformed into a set of Goddess Maa Santoshi . features

their patently the context of performance (cf. Indian

a pious brahman widower, reciting a Ramcharitmanas verse in which the a humble, submissive woman who overtly asks little for herself. 40-49). Pfleiderer merchants. 1980:100), pleading to be taken with him, her awareness of the fate she will audience devotee; something usually goes awry in this observance, with for "director") is an immediate signal that it aims for a different story, goddess Santoshi Ma; cited in Kabir 2001:115). dancing the fields and Satyavati--deity and devotee--are, in fact, one, a truth finally

subcontinent cf. of India.

Ma again intervenes, this time taking the form of a gap-toothed old

It was a miracle. Instead, the two sisters-in-law are stricken, Clarion Books. fact, all women. with process, Birju sustains a headwound, which permits Satyavati to bring

Satyavati's successful integration into Birju's family, indeed her qualities, which are vividly evoked. =Khare,Vishnu. settings) National Identity in Indian Popular subaltern /2/ E.g., as late

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