I hope you much success on HP. We also had conversations that led me to believe that he was watching me when we were not communicating. Glad you enjoyed it. I think social media in general has turned people into something they never intended to become. I am not referring to the unbeliever who does not recognize their sin as sin and therefore does not acknowledge their sinful behavior. By that point, it was too late; the damage had been done. ( Log Out /  You also have to be open to receive the same for yourself. Thanks so much for paying me a visit today, grateful for the vote and sharing. God in His word has called many people out; both figuratively and literally—out of sin. Barbara Fitzgerald from Georgia on June 20, 2014: Right-on Jan! Photo by fm fm 166 via morgueFile Free Photo. Calling you out in front of others is an attempt to make themselves look better, and keeping quiet will not stop it because they are not looking for you to blow up they are looking for others to see them as the authority. Let me break down this definition of pride fullness for church folk. Visits with my daughter are very stressful & when her husband is with her, asking them if they want something to drink can turn into a full blown debate. (I did apologize, wanting to keep my job). Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on March 18, 2016: Thanks, Stacie L. Glad you enjoyed one of my favorite hubs. Am I helping or hurting? Luckily, my manager didn't report me and kissed the customer's butt. So for all the Saints that said going to the Beyonce’ concert was a sin or going to a bar and getting food, while enjoying a drink or two is a sin, remember this scripture. When it's an ongoing relationship, the issues are deeper than personality traits and may require couples counseling to address how behaviors affect one another. What makes self-centered behaviors so annoying to others is that they indicate a total disregard for the other person's opinion, value, or existence. What is Self Centered Personality Disorder? We all know at least one of the self-absorbed, right, lol? I’ve  witnessed a lot and have done a lot in my spiritual journey. We all have encountered people who seem “holier than thou” — those who believe they are morally superior to others; in fact, we may have felt morally superior ourselves at times. I assume self-centered people are all liars. Most of the time he talked about hisself and other children to me and some of his issues. — Daniel Goleman, "Source Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships". Did you know my dog messed on the rug last year? It's all right if you don't think so....your opinion is not really all that important to them anyway!! Most people are far too much occupied with themselves to be malicious. I wish you healing within and repair of your relationship with your daughter. I was there to make the situation right and constantly had to remind these types of this while they are still yelling at me.

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