)*S.706, "Benedictus" [doubtful] (?) 5 (Beethoven)" (1878) *S.657b, "Bülow-Marsch" [2-pianos, 8-hands] (1884), *S.658, "Évocation à la Chapelle Sixtine" (1862), *S.660, "Einleitung und Fuge aus der Motette Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis und Andante Aus tiefer Not" [2 pieces] (1860) *S.661, "Adagio from Bach Violin Sonata No. 1848)*S.696, "Mephisto Waltz No.4" (1884)*S.697, "Fantasie über Themen aus Figaro und Don Giovanni (Mozart)" [solo piano arrangement] (1842) *S.698, "La Mandragore - Ballade de l'opéra Jean de Nivelle de L. Delibes" [solo piano arrangement] (a. 13)" (From the Cradle to the Grave) (1881) *S.599, "Two episodes from Lenau's Faust" (1861-62) *S.600, "Mephisto Waltz No.

(10) Lieder von Robert und Clara Schumann: arr of No.5 of 'Lieder und Gesänge aus Wilhelm Meister, Provenzalisches Minnelied (von Robert Schumann), Polka de salon (Einleitung und Coda zu Smetanas Polka), Valse-Caprice No.3 (Einleitung und Schlußtakte zu Tausigs dritter Valse-Caprice), additions and revisions (Introduction and Coda) to, Revive Szegedin! 2 in C# Minor *S.538, "S'il est un charmant gazon" [Buch der Lieder II] (1847?)

Deutscher Siegesmarsch (? Winterreise – 12 Lieder von Franz Schubert: Die Nebensonnen – Albumblatt (Fr. His reputation was bolstered even further by the fact that he gave away many of his concert proceeds to charities and humanitarian causes. 8)" (ca. )*S.741, "Le carnaval romain - Overture (Berlioz)" (? 1)" (1866) *S.602, "La Notte (Ode Funébre No. (b1875?) 1853-56) *S.642, "Héroide Funèbre (Poème symphonique No. 1883)*S.619a, "Festpolonaise" (1876) [cite web|title=Festpolonaise (Duet version) Entry|url=http://wm03.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&token=&sql=42:12365|publisher = Allmusic|accessdate=2008-01-01] *S.620, "Hussitenlied" (Melody by J.Krov) (1840) *S.621, "6 Hungarian Rhapsodies" [from the orchestral version, S359] (1874) *S.622, "Rapsodie hongroise No. Albumblätter für Prinzessin Marie von Sayn-Wittgenstein: arr of opening bars of S.260i or S.260ii; sketch for S.529i or S.529ii, unpublished; score inaccessible (in private collection?
Komponiert 1848, Liszt verwendete Material eines Albumblatts Dernière illusion, ecrit pour Marie, das im Dezember 1845 entstand. 1853-56) *S.642, "Héroide Funèbre (Poème symphonique No. As an adult, he toured extensively throughout Europe. 1885) *S.624, "Fantasy and Fugue on the chorale Ad nos, ad salutarem undam" (1850) *S.625, "L'Hymne du Pape (Der Papsthymnus)" (1865) *S.626, "Ungarisches Königslied.
He also developed the most authoritative catalogue of Liszt's works, which are frequently identified using Searle's numbering system, abbreviated as "S.". We are sad to announce the cancellation of the Liszt Competition in November 2020. 1837, 1838) *S.557, "Lob der Tränen" (1837)*S.557a, "Erlkönig" [first version] (?) Soirées italiennes ((6) Amusements sur des motifs de Mercadante): Réminiscences de Robert le Diable (Grande fantaisie sur des motifs de l'opéra de Meyerbeer): based on Isabella's cavatina from the opera, based on the sailors' prayer from Act III of the opera, based on the Indian March from Act IV of the opera, Fantaisie sur l'opéra hongroise Szép Ilonka, Grande fantaisie sur des motifs de Niobe (Divertissement sur la cavatine "I tuoi frequenti palpiti"), Grande fantaisie de bravoure sur La clochette, based on the main theme of the last mvt of the. The exact dates for some of the pieces are as given in Liszt's hand on the manuscript. ), *S.550, "Zwei Transcriptionen über Themen aus Mozart's Requiem, K626" [2 pieces] (1862), *S.551a, "Einleitung und Coda zu Raffs Walzer in Des-dur (opus 54/1)" (1880), *S.552, "Ouverture de l'opéra Guillaume Tell" (1838)*S.552a, "Caritas" [La charité, first version] (1847)*S.552b, "La caritá" [La charité, simplified version] (1847) *S.553, "Deux Transcriptions" [2 pieces] (1847), *S.554, "Zwei Lieder" [2 pieces] (1880)*S.554a, "Einleitung und Coda sur des notes fausses" (1880), *S.556, "Die Rose" [first/intermediate/second version] (1832, ca. )*S.750, "Siege de Corynthe, Introduction" (? [Q] )*S.727, "Prélude omnitonique" (? Many of the renumbered works are previously lost compositions that have been discovered.

Franz Liszt …   Wikipédia en Français, Liszt — Franz Liszt « Liszt » redirige ici. )Pianoforte DuetField*S.577a, "11 Nocturnes" (Nos. Alternative 5th movement] (1863-64)*S.463d, "Symphonie No.7" [first version] (1837) *S.463e, "Marche funèbre" [Beethoven's Eroica Symphony, first version] (1843)*S.464, "Symphonies de Beethoven" [9 pieces] (1863-64)*S.465, "Grand Septuor, Op. 90/2-3] (ca. Beethovens (6) geistliche Lieder von Gellert: arr of the song from the incidental music to. For example, when in 1842 he found out about the Great Fire of Hamburg, which had destroyed much of the city, he gave concerts to create aid for its thousands of homeless. *S.413, "Réminiscences de Robert le Diable - Valse infernale" (1840) *S.414, "Illustrations du Prophète" [4 pieces, 4th=S624] 1849-50 *S.415, "Illustrations de l'Africaine" [2 pieces] 1865 *S.416, "Le Moine" (1841), *S.417, "Fantaisie sur l'opéra hongrois Szép Ilonka" (1865), *S.418, "Réminiscences de Don Juan" (1841), *S.419, "Divertissement sur la cavatine "I tuoi frequenti palpiti" (1835), *S.420, "Grande Fantaisie de bravoure sur La Clochette" (1832-34), *S.421, "Andante Finale and March from the opera Köning Alfred" [2 pieces] (1853), *S.421a, "Introduction et Variations from "Siege of Corinth" [introduction only] (1839?)

11)" (ca. •••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••, original for solo voice, piano (1857) S.313, [I] *S.730, "Dem Andenken Petöfis (Petófi Szellemének)" [rediscovered, renumbered as S195] (1877)*S.731, "Valse élégiaque" (?) September 1857), Weimars Volkslied (Von der Wartburg) (Zur Enthüllung des Carl August Denkmals in Weimar am 3. )*S.740, "Egmont Overture (Beethoven)" (? In December of 1859, he lost his son Daniel, and in September of 1862, his daughter Blandine also died. *S.763, "Strophes de Herlossohn" (?)

2" (1881)*S.601, "Les Morts (Ode Funébre No. )*S.723a, "Postlude on theme from Orpheus" [arrangement] (? S.24 and S.27 were published with reversed titles, S.24 as "Te Deum II", S.27 as "Te Deum I", and they are erroneously listed as such in some older catalogues. Liszt wrote over 1000 piano pieces, most of them original.

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