It's basically a cross between Splash and Private Benjamin. An easy read so if reading isn't really your thing it won't be too taxing plus each chapter has a different subject matter so it can be easily picked and put down. Chelsea meets a little person who looks and acts a lot like her and they become instant friends. "The one from Sophie's Choice? Some of the subject matter is a little controversial and no doubt very tongue in cheek so if you are very PC you'll probably hate it. Sometimes that's all it takes for something to be considered good. I think her books are being marketed incorrectly- they look so trashy, especially this second one when in fact they don't read trashy. Before I say anything regarding my rating of this book, it needs to be said how much I love Chelsea Handler. Some of them seem a bit over the top and maybe a bit embellished to make a better story?!? "Because, Dad!" I'm not a huge Chelsea Handler fan, but I definitely laughed out loud more than once while listening to this. "Really?" The book is a collection of humorous and mostly autobiographical essays about her life. The book is an autobiography I guess, assuming all the ridiculous stories are true, that highlights parts of Chelsea's life. If you're going to make up an enormous untruth, make sure you tell it to people you are not spending the rest of the school year with. She would confirm all my lies, and then after Christmas break the following week, we would slowly plant seeds that I was leaving the business. I think when you grow up in a house surrounded by cars from the previous two decades and parents who insist that ten dollars for a pair of jeans in 1984 is excessive, you have no choice but to immerse yourself in a world where money is no object. We totally get each other.". Après avoir consulté un produit, regardez ici pour revenir simplement sur les pages qui vous intéressent. Half of them need to be jump-started on a daily basis. [12], NBC ordered the pilot to series on May 13, 2011, as a midseason entry in the 2011–12 United States network television schedule. [16], On November 14, 2011, NBC announced Are You There, Chelsea? That, coupled with the fact that he was born without the embarrassment gene, left us little in common. Chelsea gets pulled over after drinking and driving, and is arrested and sent to the Sybil Brand Institute. Handler has stated in an interview with Barnes & Noble that she waited to write a book with such stories with no concrete theme and wrote My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Standswith the theme of one-night stands to ge… I can cope with fairly crude humour but there were examples in here that were too much so one star off for that. Jason screamed. "Mrs. Schectman was making a big deal about me not doing my homework and the Goldie Hawn story was the only thing I could think of," I told them. We’d love your help.

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