Moxley blocks Dickinson's kick attempt, then proceeds to take him down on the mat. Grimm grabs hold of the ankle - Makowski turns things over with some side control. Lawlor cranks Homicide's neck with a choke. The #RNC is locked on!#BLOODSPORT #BLOODSPORT Kay flips her over to go back to a standing position. 6. He did fine in this format, but it will be interesting to see how his style in Bloodsport differs from whatever he ends up doing in MLW. Snow switches position from a wristlock to an ankle lock. Moxley laid down in the middle of the ring while Leonard close out the show on commentary. After some back and forth roll throughs, Hammer finally gets his double wrist locked in. I’ll have to go back and watch the second Bloodsport show one of these days to get a better sense of whether the promotion caught lightning in a bottle with the first event or if this was just a down show. Grimm performed a half-and-half suplex. It’s a bit jarring to see standard pro wrestling moves used as finishers in Bloodsport, but it, 2. Hamilton’s GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3 10.11.2020 Review MJF To Make Major Announcement On This Week’s AEW Dynamite City of Indianapolis … Kay escapes. Dickinson connects a high kick, then climbs on top of Moxley to land more forearms. Tankman dropped James with a punch and the referee stepped in to end the fight…. Homicide went for the Gringo Killer, but Lawlor escaped and applied a half crab, then sat down while maintaining the hold and won via submission…. Hammer escapes Kal Jak's catch style waist lock. Kal Jak taps out. WWE's Scariest Moments And More Details On New WWE Network Content, ROH Episode 474 Recap: EC3 Appears, Pure Title Tournament Second Round Matches Finish Up, WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Preview & Predictions, WWE Main Event Recap: Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza In Action, Ricochet Vs. Gran Metalik, Ken Shamrock Reveals Which WWE Hall Of Famer Is His Dream Match, Daniel Bryan Says He's In His Last Run As A Full-Time WWE Superstar, Randy Orton Cracks Joke About Former TNA Champion, Praises WWE NXT Star, Impact Wrestling Signs Title Holder To New Contract, » WWE Hell In A Cell Live Coverage Tomorrow, » Impact Bound For Glory Live Coverage Tonight, AEW Star Reportedly Seriously Injured At Dynamite Tapings, WWE Tag Team Returns With Previous Gimmick, Actor Eric Andre Accidentally Injured During Stunt With John Cena (Video), Photo: Sasha Banks Says "You're Welcome" With Poolside Bikini Pic, New Jack Issues Statement After Vice Profiles Drag Queen Son Washington Heights, Backstage News On Matt Hardy Vs. Sammy Guevara, Exclusive: Several Former WWE Stars Work This Week's MLW Tapings, James Storm Details Why He Decided To Leave Impact Wrestling, SHIMMER 118 Results: SHIMMER Champion Kimber Lee Vs. Nicole Savoy, © 2020 Webcapacity Incorporated. Kay gets up to land a roundhouse kick. Moxley fights him off with two hard elbows. The event included an inaugural Bloodsport Women's Tournament, which was the first Professional wrestling tournament to ever be held at a Bloodsport event. Post-Match: Josh Barnett awards Snow with her own personalized trophy. Davey Boy looks for a double wrist lock. Hammer got up and threw some strikes of his own. Lindsay Snow slides right towards Allysin Kay's leg for a single takedown. Lawlor attacks the hamstring, which leads towards some more blows. Kay catches Kelly's leg. Kay cranks down on her ankle. Kay regrouped and ended up applying a cross armbreaker. Erik Hammer vs. Kal Jak. Powell’s POV: A solid opener. Dickinson applied a kneebar. Kay picks the leg. James attempts a cross arm breaker - Tankman sets himself free by hoisting James up. Jak's power is on display with a thunderous power slam. I still believe in this format providing a real alternative to what the major promotions are doing, and it’s a hell of a lot better than Raw Underground. MMA fans love knockouts. I obviously can’t speak to what was happening in the locker room, but I was mostly impressed by what I saw from the fans who attended the show. Replay available via FITE.TV, The show opened with a parade of fighters. This wasn’t nearly as hot as that fight, but it was solid. Jon Moxley vs. Chris Dickinson. Makowski rolls through with a series of palm strikes. Snow rolls through with an armbar. He gives the thumbs up to let the ref know he's okay after that hellacious war. They restart. Tankman slips out of James' rear-naked chokehold. Davey Boy gains his third win at Bloodsport! Moxley is rocked. After the fight, Moxley took the mic and delivered a promo while seated on the mat as Dickinson was in the corner of the ring. OH MY GOD, IT'S RETRIBUTION!! Kelly and Kay rock each other with more lefts and rights. Moxley launches Dickinson outside towards the ring post. Moments later, Moxley backed Dickinson to the edge of the apron. Hammer rolls through with some shots of his own. GCW Bloodsport is a professional wrestling event held by the American promotion Game Changer Wrestling (GCW). Dickinson powered up Moxley and performed a nice German suplex. Can @FilthyTomLawlor's countering pay off?#BLOODSPORT, Homicide trying to kick Lawlor's head in!#BLOODSPORT The traditional wrestling ring is replaced by a ring canvas with no ropes or turnbuckles. Moxley rolled over so that they both fell to the floor where the hold was broken. Kelly gets up to a standing position to charge in with some kicks. Become a Pro Wrestling Dot Net Member right now for $7.50 a month (billed monthly), $19.50 every three months, $36 every six months, or $66 per year ($5.50 a month avg.). Makowski is in the mounted grip - he lays down a series of rights. Both men are up. Kelly finds her footing with a toehold drop then a forearm smash to Kay's head. Homicide escapes with an exploder suplex. Kay lands a nice takedown on Kelly. Moxley received the pop of the night, as expected. Alexander reverses it. Moxley backs Dickinson towards the apron. The referee begins the count. Tom Lawlor goes right for a single leg takedown right after the bell rings. Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Josh Alexander. Tankman's power outweighs James' ability to stay alive in the match. And while Leonard is a terrific play-by-play voice, they really could use a color commentator to add the wrestler’s perspective similar to the way Rocky Romero does on New Japan Pro Wrestling shows. Makowski rolls out and comes back in. Hirsch and Snow exchange forearm strikes. There was a “Dirty Daddy” chant for Dickinson following his entrance. Kelly swings back with a shot to the jaw. Kelly cannot take it anymore and taps out. Therefore, the referee calls for this match to end via knockout. As much as it may seem like I disliked this event, that’s not really the case. Tankman mounted James and threw some light punches, but it looked like he connected with a couple of forearms. They seemed to adhere to the social distancing arrangement, and the vast majority kept their masks on. Moxley does not quit! Kelly jumps up behind Kay with a rear-naked chokehold. The show opened with a … Grimm keeps his hands clasped. Lindsay Snow defeated Allysin Kay to win the women’ tournament. Kay gets an armbar locked in. Lawlor picks up his big win at this event. Grimm sends Makowski right on the back of his head with a half-and-half suplex. Gain access to: 10/23 Powell’s WWE Friday Night Smackdown audio review: The final push for Hell in a Cell, Roman Reigns lays out the consequences for his WWE Universal Title match with Jey Uso, Seth Rollins vs. Murphy, Law and Otis, Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega, 10/24 McGuire’s WWE 205 Live Audio Review: Mansoor vs. Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese vs. Curt Stallion, 10/23 WWE 205 Live results: McGuire’s review of Curt Stallion vs. Tony Nese, Mansoor vs. Brian Kendrick, Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory lineup (live coverage tonight): The lineup for Impact’s biggest event of the year, 10/23 Anish V’s NJPW Strong Audio Review: Jay White vs. Rocky Romero, Flip Gordon and Brody King vs. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, ACH vs. Karl Fredericks, Fred Rosser vs. Clark Connors, 10/23 NJPW Strong results: Anish V’s review of Jay White vs. Rocky Romero, Flip Gordon and Brody King vs. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, ACH vs. Karl Fredericks, Fred Rosser vs. Clark Connors, Powell’s AEW Dynamite Hit List: Jon Moxley vs. Pac to become No. Killer Kelly vs. Allysin Kay in a women’s tournament match. Hammer looks for a double wrist lock. Powell’s POV: The fans in attendance were masked and socially distanced. Later, Moxley went for a piledriver, but Dickinson avoided it and threw a series of kicks to the thigh of Moxley. Lenny Leonard was the lone commentator. Later, Kay fought out of a sleeper, then applied a leg scissors submission hold and got the submission win. After, we begin the first round of the Women's Tournament! Kelly attempts an escape by driving her knee into Kay. Kay drops Kelly with a big boot. Dickinson wraps his legs around Moxley's throat. Allysin Kay beat Killer Kelly to advance to the finals of the tournament. The fight continued. Moxley blew a few kisses to fans before rolling out of the ring while still selling the leg kicks…. Smith hit Alexander with a shot that Alexander sold by dropping to the mat and then acting woozy once he got to his feet. Internet Wrestling Database GCW Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 3 « Events Database « CAGEMATCH - The Internet Wrestling Database Not logged in or registered. Unfortunately, multiple wrestlers have tested positive for  COVID-19 coming out of The Collective shows that this event was a part of. Jak worked as Cal Bishop in NXT. Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 3 took place on October 11, 2020 at the Marion Country Fairgrounds Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana. Davey Boy grabs the upper hand with a destructive Liger Bomb. Hirsch taps out. Dickinson got up and fired away with a series of strikes, then performed a belly to back suplex. Lindsay Snow beat Leyla Hirsch to advance to the finals of the tournament. They both restart. We head back to the men's action. Snow goes right for a heel hook. It was originally scheduled to be held on April 2, 2020 at The Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida. Alexander rolls through and mounts himself on top of Davey Boy with a right hand. Lawlor puts Homicide in a tight half-crab. Homicide takes over the match with three big chops. Hirsch keeps moving with a series of shots. They reset. Mox won the fight via a submission choke.

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