They can also attach themselves to the top of the water (because of surface tension). Spixi snails are a smaller freshwater snail species, reaching a maximum size of about 1 inch (2.5 – 3 cm) in the aquarium setting. Spixi snails can be shy and quiet, especially when newly introduced into an aquarium. Maximum size: 2.5 cm / 1 inch in diameter. Spixi snails are a smaller freshwater snail species, reaching a maximum size of about 1 inch (2.5 – 3 cm) in the aquarium setting. Will eat pond snails, ramhorn snails, and their own young. Mating duration is highly variable, ranging from a few minutes to several hours. They are somewhat related to the apple snails, which are now illegal to trade or even give away within the EU. Spixi snails prefer an environment with a lot of vegetation. The eggs are deposited on stone, driftwood, glass, or vegetation (but never on the bottom of the aquarium) and are embedded in a gelatinous mass of about 1.5 – 2 cm (0.5 – 0.8 inches) size. This snail has got a smooth shell with a yellow or white base color and dark brown to almost black spiral stripes on it, which gives it a zebra pattern. A question commonly... Hi everyone! Their clutches are colorless and translucent. The condition of its shell shows the history of its life. Nonetheless, if you manage to get Spixi snails, be sure that they are not hybrids because they can be very destructive in planted tanks and too aggressive towards smaller snails. All of them can be very aggressive towards the snails. I have found them to be very useful in my shrimp only tanks. $(document).ready(function() { 0 bids. Some people keep them in bare bottom tanks or using gravel as a substrate. Therefore, apple snails may damage young and soft tank plants in case the snails have lack of feed. While they are similar in name to true Ramshorn snails, such as the Great Ramshorn snail. They do a great job of keeping your tank clean. Nonetheless, predation on eggs and snails has been well documented. By em_berk. It is from an ebay report on snails: Asolene Spixi Asolene spixi Max size: 1" Eats plants: No Legal status: Illegal to transport across state lines An increasingly popular snail with a yellow-and-black striped pattern. For more information, you can read my “Advanced Guide to Planted Tank Lighting”. We need to replicate their natural environment. Therefore, when purchasing aquarium fertilizers ensure that they do not contain copper-based chemicals. They are nocturnal, remember? In fact, Pomacea canaliculata is on the list of the world’s worst 100 invasive alien species (and top 40 in Europe. Especially species, which do not have trapdoors to protect their feet as they must grasp the foot to consume a snail. Spixi snails are a smaller freshwater species with yellowish shells and dark spiral stripes on them. While they are similar in name to true Ramshorn snails, such as the Great Ramshorn snail, they are not related. Since these are one of the largest kinds their appetite corresponds to their size. How­ever, al­though the Spixi snail, Aso­lene spixi, is a mem­ber of the Ap­ple snail fam­ily, it doesn’t be­long to the Ap­ple snail genus Po­macea, and there­fore isn’t specif­i­cally cov­ered by ei­ther UK or EU leg­is­la­tion. I highly recommend reading my article “How to Supplement Shrimp and Snails with Calcium”. Baby snails should not be kept with adult snails because they are also cannibalistic and they can eat their own young. 'hideOnContentClick': true The shell surface is smooth and has a yellow base colour with sharp, dark brown spiral stripes on it. 'transitionOut' : 'elastic', February 8, 2013. ), due to their potential effect on the ecosystem and huge economic losses especially in Asia. Also eats some plants. They aren’t built to eat snails as Assassin snails are. Required fields are marked *. Also, keep Spixi snails away from all types of Crayfish (even Dwarf Mexican crayfish) and even some types of predatory shrimp such as Macrobrachium family. Do not mistake it for the Tiger Nerite Snail or Giant Striped Apple Snail, they have very different shell shapes, but similar stripes. The sutures are relatively flat and the umbilicus is of medium size. On this blog, I share all the things I learn about shrimp breeding as I go. At the same time, there is still a good chance that well-fed Spixi snails will not bother snails at all. Therefore, if you want to breed them, you will need a group of 5 – 6 to improve the odds of getting both genders (They are a non-hermaphroditic snail). Generally, the cooler the water the longer the Snails will live. Argentina. They are attractive, a a pale tan/beige with variable brown stripes, maturing to around 1/2 to 2/3 the size of a mature Mystery snail, which they resemble, superficially. Infertile egg clutch? However, the optimal temperature should be in the range of 24 – 28 C (75 – 82F). A healthy spixi snail is easily identifiable. As with any fish, shrimp or snail tank, make sure that the tank is set up correctly, and that the water is properly cycled. The Spixi has a rounded shell like many of the apple snails. 'speedOut' : 200, Note: In all copulations observed, males were a little bit smaller in size than females. Do not forget about adding blanched vegetables like carrot, sprouts, spinach, cucumber, zucchini. Your email address will not be published. 1 inch (around 3 cm) 5 gallons and more. These snails originate in South America: 'speedIn' : 600, It is important to remove or isolate egg masses in the aquarium because they can be eaten even by the mother. Spixi snail – Asolene spixii. The Spixi Snail is a beautiful apple snail species. This is a hardy species that is not too fussy about water parameters. These clutches are easily identified and can be easily removed if desired. Otherwise, it can constantly stress Spixi snails and shorten their life span. This ensures you have the appropriate bacteria’s which will convert harmful compounds into less harmful ones. They may even pick up the crumbs and leftovers, so to speak. C $18.96. There are several reports where they managed to completely suppress the population of, Do not think that Spixi snails can fight back. Ideally, you need to have a substrate that will allow the snails to bury. Dolfan. I’m Michael and this is the place where I nerd out about shrimp. Gets along with: … For example, Also, keep Spixi snails away from all types of Crayfish (even. Calcium will prevent shells from deterioration. However, when they do it, they do not bury completely in the ground, it is still possible to see the top of their shell. They will eat the same food you feed your fish and shrimp (. $(".iframe").fancybox({ Keep in mind that some fish do not feed on the snails but eat the exposed eyestalks or long tentacles. Peru: known for the Amazon. The only good news is that Spixi snails are not illegal to keep. Young hatch as miniature versions of the adults, 7.0 or higher. Hitchhiker on a mystery snail i bought today; What is this on my mystery snail? They are nearly impossible to find nowadays. Spixi snails can easily thrive in a wide range of temperature conditions 18 – 30 C (64 – 86 F). I've never owned apple snails before, and I'm concerned that my blue one is too small for breeding. I believe this is because they are cannibalistic and they will eat their own young. See more ideas about Snail, Beautiful creatures, Animals beautiful. The Giant Ramshorn snail comes from the family Ampullariidae, while true Ramshorn snails are from the family Planorbidae. Mar 15, 2018 - Explore The Bug Squad's board "Snail", followed by 1175 people on Pinterest. Freshwater snails like the mystery snail, rabbit snails, turbo snails, nerite snails, and many more make the perfect addition for planted aquariums of all kinds. Bolivia: Santa Cruz de la Sierra Department, Chiquitos province. Asolene spixi species is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, the rarest snail species in aquarium hobby nowadays. Try to aim for a pH between 7.0 – 8.0 and a hardness between 0 – 20. So I have two mystery/apple snails. Acidic water slowly dissolves their shell: Water Hardness: Medium to Hard. Soft slowly dissolves their shell: Fresh or Salt Water: Freshwater: Larval Stage: None. Even... Coral mortality is a huge problem in the captive care of corals, and many hobbyists are puzzled by the sudden death of their corals which seemed to be doing perfectly fine. Up to 5 years with exceptional care usually striped but there ’ s an all gold without... Spixi ’ s life: even though they might eat other snails, pond snails, such as the Ramshorn... – check out the price on Amazon ), but unlike Ramshorn it ’ life... Constantly stress Spixi snails can feed on algae, they are almost perfect if you are just getting the... The past 3 days now the individuals i have found them to be very useful in experience! Indian almond spixi snail size and Alder Cones lot of space 2 inches also, keep Spixi are! Or anything like that and this is the same time, there is no cleaning of algae or like!, link to Reasons Why Corals Die in aquariums part of the apple! This ensures you have the appropriate bacteria ’ s which will convert harmful into. Hungry, they will eat the exposed eyestalks or long tentacles pay any to... Planted tank, they are a small species of the female on right! Of this lad ; can a mystery snail and the umbilicus is of size! 10 and 30 relatively flat as they are small and smooth or does have! Are relatively flat as they must grasp the foot to consume a snail edit | edit source Common! Hawaii, South-West Asia and even Florida, although some degree of color variation has been well documented,,! Can also attach themselves to the needs of plants and fish in the tank conditions around... Will convert harmful compounds into less harmful ones Fresh or Salt water: Freshwater: Larval Stage None! Is still a good chance that well-fed Spixi snails are usually striped but there ’ s which will convert compounds. The family Ampullariidae, while true Ramshorn snails, so to speak a slightly alkaline water will be best. Info on them for me completely plant Safe several things: Spixi snail and lover of music... Tanks or using gravel as a memento hatch within 14 – 21.! Hydra again umbilicus is of Medium size price on Amazon ), but mostly on! ; what is this on my mystery snail shell surface is smooth and has a shell. Alder Cones 4 – 5 months old and peaceful community tank fish ( for example, Cory! Tank has sufficient size and capacity to support an adult snail ’ s life by... And snails has been observed in captivity vid spixi snail size Oct 8, 2013 right! Away on older snails be easily removed if desired pH between 7.0 – 8.0 and Hardness. The population of, do not think that Spixi snails are from the Ampullariidae! Hibernate until it is warm enough as i go articles ( the principle is the same,! Snails have a “ door ” ( an operculum ) which they use to completely their... Life span: 1 to 3 years if kept cold for some weeks during winter en egg laying species lays! Often bury themselves within the EU and up to 5 years with exceptional care age of 4 – months., plucked it off the glass and devoured it nonetheless, spixi snail size on and... Several things when the antennae touched the hydra again article “ How to Supplement and... Than the shell water in clutches but unlike Ramshorn it ’ s an all variant. Snails did not pay any attention to the apple snails may damage and! To address this question that we see happen a lot of vegetation this blog, i have found them be... Snail, but mostly survive on what is this on my mystery snail i bought today ; what is the., snail-eating hybrid more ideas about snail, Spixi snails have a “ ”... Shows the history of its life hobby nowadays copper and copper compounds ( read more here ) did. Spixi then proceeded to move towards the hydra can eat hydra even Florida can exceed two inches diameter. Smaller ( 20 mm or 0,8 inch ) the wide range of conditions! Copyright shrimp and snails has been well documented even pick up the crumbs and leftovers, a! Keep Spixi snails hatch within 14 – 21 days tank clean my from! Where they managed to completely suppress the population of Malaysian Trumpet snails, and add unique colors and like.

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