The park housed the main concert, featuring music and cultural performances between 1pm and 6pm. In recent years, efforts have been made to make the holiday include all Australians, and in 2013, the Australian flag and Aboriginal flag were raised on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the first time on Australia Day. The white, non-Aboriginal Northern Territory chief minister at the time denounced and tried to stonewall the entire hand back campaign with a Press Club address and banners from planes and newspaper ads decrying it. Australia Day marks the landing of the First Fleet, a convoy of 11 ships carrying convicts, at Port Jackson in January of 1788. #InvasionDay2020 #Melbourne, Always Was Always Will Be Aboriginal Land ❤️✊ #MuslimBloc SYDNEY#AbolishAustraliaDay #InvasionDay 2020 Daylight Saving Time (DST) can mess with our body clock and can trigger underlying health issues. Picture: AAP/Darren England.Source:AAP. Australia holidays 2020. The white, non-Aboriginal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Don Harwin this week told me he doesn’t support Ms Toka’s campaign to permanently fly the indigenous flag on the bridge. Although I reported the troll, if I’m honest, I was impressed with their creativity. The Third or Last Quarter Moon is when the opposite half of the Moon is illuminated compared to the First Quarter. The day has been renamed Invasion Day, and protests do appear side-by-side the celebrations. A Survival Day March took place in Canberra at Veterans Park on Sunday. In 1818, on the 30th anniversary of the founding of the colony, the Governor of New South Wales gave all government employees a holiday. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied, Earlier this year, I interviewed Uncle Jack Charles, an Aboriginal elder. The opening of the event was briefly marred when man tried to rush the stage during a speech. A number of speakers were lined up for the Invasion Day rally at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre in Hobart this year. Running from 11am until 7pm, anyone is welcome to attend the free event which features live music, bustling market stalls, panel discussions and community forums on Aboriginal issues, children’s activities, and traditional cultural performances from indigenous peoples. That’s why alternatives are suggested: Survival Day, respecting the resilience and strength of our First Nations People. You see, what I’m trying to advocate here isn’t censorship, but sensitivity. January 26 is a controversial date, would there be a better day to hold Australia's national holiday? Other events included a Survival Day celebration at Perfume Gardens in Townsville. Other events included an Invasion Day Rally in Perth’s Forest Place. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Gary Nunn. All times AEDT (GMT +11). Don't have an account? Stores are often open, but may have reduced opening hours. In 1838, 50 years after the First Fleet arrived, Foundation Day was declared Australia's first public holiday in New South Wales. Clearly, the ladder of equality doesn’t, for him, yet extend to the Aboriginal constituents he’s supposed to represent. The national anthem, Advance Australia Fair, is played, but also Australia’s unofficial anthem, Waltzing Matilda, is a common song to be heard. #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe Start of the #invasion day #survival day March #canberra, @NACCHOAustralia Survival Day March Canberra Darwin's Always Was, Always Will Be event kicked off in Civic Park this year, with an open invitation extended to all members of the indigenous and non-Indigenous community. Her petition has amassed over 130,000 signatures to date. It’s a sad day. Continue the conversation | @garynunn1, To join the conversation, please Log in. Picture: AAP/James Ross.Source:AAP. We should all be deeply, deeply ashamed. Happy Australia Day! Australia Day 2020 January 26th means different things for Australians all around the country. Shop the AO 2020 Collection. “Go back to where ya came from”, some screamed – picking up the fact I’m British. All schools and post offices are closed. The event is billed as the “largest one day gathering in recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in Australia”. Is it time for change? It was Australia 75 years ago – part of our government’s policy to “assimilate” Aboriginal kids into white families. It’s that time of year again, where we attempt to both celebrate and disregard our national heritage on the same day. Adelaide’s major Survival Day 2020 event was spread across three locations: Grenfell Street in Adelaide CBD, the Tandanya building and in Tandanya Park. In the podcast, Kim Wilson describes how Ayers Rock was seen purely as a white tourist spot. The men wore blue t-shirts with the slogan “Gov Arthur Phillip Did Nothing Wrong” emblazoned across their chests, while brandishing signs that read “Australia Day should never be changed.”, Opposing protesters at Flinders Street station #InvasionDay2020 rally in Melbourne @SBSNews, White Nationalists assemble on Flinders Station. Other symbols include the Golden Wattle, which is the national floral emblem, the opal, which is the national gemstone, and the national colors of green and gold. Until these injustices are righted, it’s hard to see it as little more than the celebration of invasion, genocide and the theft of children, land and basic human dignity. Video; Image; Australia Day: If not January 26, then when? Australia Day is a public holiday. Cheree Toka, pictured with Inner West mayor Darcy Byrne, has been campaigning to have the indigenous flag permanently perched atop the Harbour Bridge for years. My Twitter DMs are open and they filled with messages, some pretty hateful. Initially, it was only New South Wales that celebrated the day, and it was known as First Landing Day or Foundation Day. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Eid Milad ul-Nabi marks the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad's birth and death. No stranger to an Invasion Day protest, the YouTube personality made headlines last year after making a video slamming Australia Day protesters for not even understanding what they’re against. Australia Day is on January 26 and commemorates the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson, now part of Sydney, in 1788. Here are some of the bigger Invasion Day rallies and events taking place this weekend. Picture: AAP/Darren England.Source:AAP, Protesters seen in Brisbane. Kamilaroi woman Cheree Toka has been campaigning for three years to have the Aboriginal flag fly atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge permanently rather than the insulting 19 days a year it’s currently permitted to fly on our nation’s iconic landmark. Sydney’s annual Yabun festival was also held today on Gadigal land in Victoria Park. Happy Australia Day! Attendees were treated to key speakers, a free barbecue and drinks. From 1946, January 26 was called Australia Day in all states and territories, and since 1994, the Australia Day public holiday has been on January 26 throughout the country. Mr Harwin says this despite giving an interview to the Star Observer in 2018 as an openly gay politician backing marriage equality saying: “As my career has developed I feel a strong responsibility to not pull the ladder up behind me, but extend it down for others.”. Their sense of nationalism cannot match my sense of injustice on behalf of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait sisters and brothers. Sydney’s biggest rally kicked off in Hyde Park at 11am, despite the heat. The symbols of Australia are commonly used on Australia Day: The Australian national flag, with its representations of the Union Jack, the Commonwealth Star, and the five stars of the Southern Cross. “Save Ayers Rock”, the banners read. While he’s celebrating his potential future same-sex wedding, champagne flute in hand, he’ll be sure to glance down and wave at those Aboriginal people, pleading with him to let them up the ladder. Picture: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images.Source:Getty Images. Celebrate Australia on Australia Day. avi yemeni’s been arrested lmaoyou love to see it, Avi Yemini being led away by Victoria Police. “Please come stand with The Brisbane Blak community this Invasion Day.”, Protestors crossing Brisbane’s Victoria Bridge during Invasion Day rally. Good job I have a thick skin. A 2009 documentary about his life summed him up thus: “Addict. “The past 250 years of colonial destruction has created the many issues that we are currently facing. Is 2020 the time for change? Some were angry. Australia Day, 26 January, is the day to reflect on what it means to be Australian, to celebrate contemporary Australia and to acknowledge our history. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. The Facebook page for the event promised a crowd of over 7,000 people, with crowds marching to “condemn the ongoing violence, ongoing theft, and ongoing discrimination” faced by indigenous Australians. Many people have a day off work and use the day among other things to barbecue, go to outdoor concerts, and to play or watch sports events. Australia Day is on January 26 and commemorates the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson, now part of Sydney, in 1788. More. By 1935, January 26 was known as Australia Day in all states except New South Wales, where it was still called Anniversary Day. The Premier called for renewed public discussion about how the ancient knowledge of Aboriginal people can be used to better protect the environment and communities. Great to some of the members from the Uluru Youth Summit running a stall in support of the @ulurustatement at Yabun festival ❤️ @mdavisqlder, Thousands have turned out for Sydney’s Invasion Day March from Hyde Park on its way to the Yabun Festival #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe #InvasionDay #SurvivalDay @SBSNews @NITV, • Invasion Day rally (Civic Park, Newcastle), • Bermagui Survival Day 2020 (Dickson Oval, Bermagui), Newcastle first invasion day ralley!

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